All Matters Affecting Global Change and What some believe to be near to the End of the World!

Last Trump Election Rapture Hints -
The End is Near!


I just found this video today! This brother in Christ posted it two days before the election. I think I know why I just found it today when God showed me the trump verse in 1 Corinthians one day before the presidential election.

You see, I had been doubting whether God told me about President Elect Trump or not! I was well on my way to believing that it was all a coincidence until I found this video where (My eye is itching like crazy making it hard to key this article up on my laptop) God spoke to another Believer about Trump's last name!

Not only did I find this brother and his exact same vision as mine, but I found out extra information:

Watch the video because you'll be in for a surprise!

By Catherine Davis

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